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    This is our list of "links" to other great websites. If you know of any good sites you think we should add, just drop me a line HERE and we will see if we can add it.

Harley-Davidson Home Page - The Motor Companies home website

Harley Owners Group - National H.O.G website. Get serious about your fun!

Local South Florida Weather - Check the weather before you ride

Let's Ride Motorcycle Events - Fl. Rides, Rallies, Poker Runs & other events

Patriot Guard Riders - Standing For Those That Stood For Us

City of West Palm Beach - A city of palm-lined streets & unsurpassed beauty

Palm Beach County Home Page - Palm Beach, The Best Of Everything

Palm Beach County Dept of Tourism - County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Florida Dept of Tourism - State of Florida's Official Tourism Agency

GROUP RIDING HANDBOOK - Learn the proper procedures for Group Riding

GROUP RIDING VIDEO - Watch the video on the proper Group Riding procedures

GROUP RIDING SAFETY TIPS - A few things you should know for safe group riding

Check Tires, Controls, Lights, Oil, Chassis & Kickstand

EXERCISES PRACTICE GUIDE - Motorcycle Riding Skills Practice Exercises

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