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Ford F-150 Harley Davidson
100th Anniversary
Supercharged Limited Edition





All of the modifications that have been done are mostly cosmetic, audio, and some minor performance. The complete list can be found in this modifications file. I take my truck to cars shows so I did add a little "bling" under the hood. I've tried to pay special attention to making sure that all the modifications maintain the "stock" truck showroom feng shui.

  My latest addition is the finished look of the MGP FORD oval logo brake caliper covers.


The top half of the truck is black and the first thing that was pointed out to me was the swirl marks and fine scratches in the hood. I was unable to find a local detailer that knew how to do paint correction, so I purchased a buffer, pads and polish and began to learn. The rest is history. After many years and tons of vehicles I have learned detailing is an art, a craft, a science, and a skill.  It is a lot of work to polish paint but for me it is a gratifying labor of love. I enjoy creating shiny rolling metal mirrors. A Miracle Detailing


   One of the first modifications I did was the Streetglow LED multi-color undercar kit.
I recently added custom made Ford/Harley 100th Logo courtesy lights in the four doors


The truck had an Eclipse AVN5500 when I purchased it and I've left the Head Unit alone. For sound deadening product I installed RAAMmat BXT on the floor, BXT II vertical in the doors and Ensolite on top of floor, back wall, firewall & doors. It's so quiet inside it's eerie.

The sub is a JL Audio Stealthbox using a 2W3v3-2 in a down-firing sealed enclosure with a 500 watt, 12-inch subwoofer. The four door speakers are Infinity 6822cf 6"x8"'s.  The two amps are a JL Audio XD 600/1 class D monoblock and a JL Audio XD 400/4 class D 4 channel. Both amplifiers are neatly hidden inside the rear passenger compartment.

 Adding the sound deadening, the sub, & the amps made a huge difference in the sound!


SHOW - LFP Mirror Finish SS radiator cover, LFP Mirror Finish SS electrical cover,  billet chrome Optima battery tray, Billet & Acrylic Fantasies engine billet and Stinger LED SHT303/301 battery terminals.

GO - Cleaned the intercooler and added Mad Enterprises Coil Pack Screws (Mad Mike you are missed), NGK-TR6 Plugs, 6lb lower pulley, JLP cold air intake box with K&N filter, L&S oil separator, and a Diablo Predator for a safe, conservative, daily driver dyno tune. 

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