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2003 HD Ford Truck 100th Anniversary


 Come on in and learn a bit about our group. You will find information about some of the rides that we have scheduled. You can check out some pictures of us from our rides, and even find information about joining our rides.  You'll find all of the areas of the site listed below, with a brief description of the content. Thanks for stopping in!


    We ROCK! We ride hard, play hard, and work hard. I don't believe you could find a better group of people. This page has a little bit more info about our circle of friends. 

    If you're wondering what's going on this page is a list of our scheduled events. Check this link frequently, because there will probably be occasional changes made.

    So what have we been up to lately? Check out our picture archive and see for yourself. Our cameras have captured quite a few of us, and most of these pictures end up here.

    This is where the action happens! Discussions from rides, adventures, pictures, technical discussions, riding techniques and safety tips to detailing your ride and keeping it looking brand new. You must register before you can post. Come join us!

    This is our list of "links" to other great websites to information about tourism in our great state of Florida, and Palm Beach County. If it's happening here, chances are you'll find some info about it at one of these sites.

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